Prostitute to Princess



1: to offer indiscriminately for sexual services especially for money
2: to devote to corrupt or unworthy purposes 


1: a female member of a royal family; especially : a daughter or granddaughter of a sovereign king
Do those two words connect in your head?  They do in mine…  meet (for some allow me to reintroduce…) Maeka.  She is a 19 year old girl I met that was working at Papa Yo’s brothel last year.  Through many small group Bible studies, lots of love and a princess party that taught us about being a daughter of the true King we were able to break through Maeka’s “tough girl” attitude.  She won my heart and the hearts of my daughters.  We loved, and love, her fiercely and protectively.
Here she is at that Princess Party…
And at a birthday party at another brothel here in St Louis du Nord with Susan…
Back in October we learned that Maeka was pregnant.  She was scared.  I was scared.  I was also heartbroken for her.  Days after I went home for my winter break I heard from Ashley that Maeka had taken some pills off the street to try to end her pregnancy and was in bad shape.  (You can read a blog from that time  Ashley shared with Maeka that her baby was God’s baby and encouraged her to trust in the Lord during that very scary time.  I was so scared for her and her baby and by the time I got back to Haiti Maeka had left for PAP.  We didn’t know if we would ever see her again.
Today my sweet Maeka showed up again.   In her arms was the most beautiful, perfect baby girl.  No signs of that awful time are visible in that precious baby at all.  She is a true miracle… but even more overwhelming to me was Maeka’s tender love for her child.  I am so ridiculously proud of her!  She left PAP and is now living in La Pointe with the father of her baby.  Making a life… a REAL life outside of the brothel.  Today I saw Princess Maeka.  A true daughter of the King.  Thank you Jesus.
We will visit Saturday and have a birthday party for Maeka as she turns 20 on Sunday and then again next week when my hubby gets here so we can load her up with baby goodies from “grandma and grandpa”.   Please join me in praying for Maeka and her new family!
Psalm 45:9  Daughters of kings are among your honored women.
Side note…  as I was looking up the definition of prostitute I couldn’t help but look at the second definition.  How many of us can honestly say that we do not devote ourselves to unworthy causes?  Or “sell ourselves” to the materialistic world we live in?  How am I different from those girls?  We are all guilty of prostitution in one way or another…  some are just more honest about it.  Food for thought.

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  1. Melonnie….God is so awesome…praying !! Can’t wait to get my hubby down there so he can experience Haiti…

  2. Oh, my goodness! Thank you so much for sharing this story, and for your mama’ s love for this beautiful girl and her precious baby! Such insightful comments on the meaning of prostitution and how we are all guilty of devotion to unworthy causes and ties to the material world. I sure know that I am caught in this trap. What joy and beauty in being daughters of the true King, and for the gift of His grace. Enjoy being grandparents!

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